PM2.5 Mask

Breathe freely with 360° leakproof design
PM2.5 filtered
seal ring
breathing bubble
3D structure


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Balancing the feel of circulation and comfort

Balancing the feel of circulation and comfort

Material innovation apparel comfort

Introducing Mijia | AirWear, a new face in the crowd, designed for softness and resilience using a specialized microfiber textile. An advanced 3D forming process requires no stiches or seams that might irritate the skin making it especially comfortable, like your other apparel accessories. AirWear adapts to conform to different faces, comes in rich colors and protects with F95 level of protection.

Skin friendly

Soft and resilient

All weather

Abrasion and water resistant

Easy to clean

Gently clean with water or alcohol

Air bubble shape

form follows function

The distinctive 3D air bubble shape creates extraordinary breathability by keeping open space between the mask and the face. More than 300 micro-perforations create exceptional air exchange for optimal flow and heat transfer. That means you can breathe without steaming up the inside and because of the light touch seal there is minimal contact with skin, a special concern for those wearing makeup.

Adaptive FIT

continuous seal eliminates gaps & leaks

Without an adequate full seal, a mask won’t prevent pollutants from being inhaled. Mijia | AirWear adapts to make full 360° contact with the face and its proprietary dual layer seal conforms to fill all the difficult contours beside nasal bridge and along chin. The adaptive fit system works with a light touch but not even the smallest pollutants can sneak in.

No glue
No fumes

adaptive fit seal

Dual layer
seal protection

The seal ring material meets U.S. FDA food grade safety requirements.

Redefining air from the inside out

Mask has become an essential item of our daily commune. It is more like a piece of clothes other than just a protection device. Featuring double layered 3D structure, Mijia AirWear redefines PM 2.5 mask. Made of light and resilient fibres, AirWear adjusts closely to face and guards you with 360° protection, forming a closed-up but fresh breathing space. There is no way for little pollutants to get in even from dead corners such as sides of nasal bridge or chin.

Soft Shell






Every breath is fresh

with light weight, permeable, purifying layers

Filter quality is at the core of the mask’s efficacy. The Mijia | Airwear filter has a highly efficient 5-sheet construction with double strength filtration layers meeting the T/CTCA 1-2015-F95 standard (equivalent to GB2626-2006 KN95). It works by filtering fine and ultra fine particles through electrostatic capture and physical entrapment.

Food grade
safety level

Certified to remove
99.97%PM0.3 and larger


*The seal ring material meets U.S. FDA food grade safety requirements.

China FIT: anthropometric

research leads to new shape

Facemasks are typically designed for caucasian faces but Chinese facial structure differs in specific ways. Wider and higher cheek bones, shallow nose bridge and recessed chin profile mean most commercial masks don’t fit well. After analysing 3D scanning data of over 3,000 Chinese face shapes and repeatedly testing hundreds of forms, Mijia | Airwear arrived at a contoured seal design that specifically adapts to fit Chinese faces.

Pressure reducing design
Less pressure on the ear


Light-Touch Adjustment

Light-touch adjustment

Light-touch adjustment
for daily use

Wear the mask with both
filter leaves folding inwards

Filter leaves folding inwards
or deeper nasal bridge

Flip upper filter layer and adjust it to sides of nose; flip either left or right side of upper leaves to adjust according to face shape

Mijia Airwear PM 2.5 Mask is accredited

by the following authorities

Breathing is vitally important to quality of life. Millions of breaths are inhaled deep into the respiratory system and impact your cardiopulmonary system as well. Make every breath count.

Great Protection With
Choice Colors

Mijia AirWear adds colour to life and variety to your style! Here is the introductory color set!

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